Grow your audience (into a new market) B2B Tech Services

Cui se adresează?

The tech company you work for has a set presence in your local market. You have (satisfied) customers, good feedback and you’re ready to unlock more revenue streams – either in your home country or in a new one.

But where do you start?
What are the first things you should take into account? How do you fund it?

Building from our experience in working with tens of B2B businesses, we share the ABCs of B2B tech growth, including:

Who is it for?

What will you get?

Course outline and fees
The course is split into 2 parts and will require you to work in between the sessions:

Session 1

TBC at a later date

Session 2

TBD with attendees

Whilst the full course is €450, because we’re only just launching the test, the cost will be €80 + a testimonial after completion (positive or negative, we’re interested in the feedback).

Who will be the workshop leaders?

Andrei Stoica


Raluca Apostol

Founder eMarketing Stars

Claudiu Jojatu

Founder Milk & Cookies Studio

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