How to use Social Selling in B2B to ethically grow your business

17 june / 18:30 – BISM (Bd. Dacia 99, 3rd floor)j

Who is this for?

This month, our B2BMarketers.Club event is dedicated to mastering social selling for B2B tech leaders. You will find industry case studies, a detailed, step-by-step process for ethically starting new conversations with your ideal customer profile, and tips & tricks.

This event is designed to address the typical hurdles that B2B tech companies often face, including limited experience, introversion, scarce resources, constrained marketing budgets, time shortages, knowledge gaps, and insufficient sales skills. Everything you need to thrive and the more and more competitive market.

What is social selling: Social selling involves leveraging social media platforms to connect, engage, and build relationships with potential clients and customers. It’s a strategy that focuses on nurturing leads, providing value, and promoting your software development services in a non-intrusive way.

Who is this for?

Social selling (probably) isn’t for you if:


15 min.



50 min.

What is social selling and how do we develop it ethically

Claudiu Jojatu, Founder, Milk & Cookies Studio


10 min.

Short water/stretch break


20 min.

Case study on business growth through social selling

Antonio Iftimescu, Founder, Kookoo Grocery


85 min.

Networking time


Claudiu Jojatu

Founder @ Milk & Cookies Studio

Over 25 years of experience in the Media and Creative industries. Today, I run MOCAPP – a €6M valued martech startup with clients in 9 countries.

My career has always been at the intersection of creativity and technology. I seek to surround myself with creative people (artists, content creators, influencers) and to find, create, and apply technological innovations that bring value to our lives. I believe in the power of every person to be an artist in what he does; I believe in optimism and ambition, transparency, and meritocracy.

Antonio Iftimescu

Founder @ Kookoo Grocery

Jean is a passionate entrepreneur whose mission is to ensure every business owner enjoys a high-value exit. He is the founder and CEO of Emerge Studio and the Emerge2Exit™️ Blueprint. With over three decades of experience — including scaling and exiting four of his own businesses — he’s helped hundreds of business owners around the globe. 

 Jean’s expertise lies in guiding CEOs and leadership teams of established companies toward rediscovering their momentum and amplifying their market value. He identifies and leverages key drivers to maximize exit values, consistently leading businesses to achieve substantial growth and high-value exits.

 Jean’s superpower is his profound ability to connect with business leaders. As a coach, he excels in direct, empathetic communication, positioning him as an invaluable partner for entrepreneurs facing the complexities of scaling or exiting their businesses.

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The community

B2BMarketers.Club is created by Andrei Stoica, Founder & CEO, Raluca Apostol, Founder eMarketing Stars, and Claudiu Jojatu, Founder Milk & Cookies Studio. 

Each of us has had moments where we were stuck, where we had questions we didn’t know who to ask, or joys we had no one to celebrate with.

The community aims to bring together B2B marketers from Europe to discuss challenges, find solutions together, share insights, and inspire each other. The access is approval based, to ensure everyone from the community is relevant to the group, and in the launch period, access is free, following up with a membership soon.

Event date to be announced.

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