Using events as part of the marketing mix. Insights from May’s B2B Marketers Club meeting

Read some interesting insights from our B2B Marketers Club event about events!
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For those of you who couldn’t make it to May’s event and felt that #FOMO creeping in, fear not! This article is here to give you a sneak peek into what went down. From insightful talks to practical tips, here’s everything you missed.


Andreea Nicolae: Insights from How To Web,The leading startup & technology conference in Eastern Europe

Andreea Nicolae, a seasoned expert at How To Web, captivated us with her wealth of knowledge on promoting events to an international market. Here are some key takeaways from her talk:

  1. Promote Your Speakers: one of the most critical activities in event promotion is highlighting your speakers. Why? Because speakers bring their own established communities, which helps in broadening your event’s reach significantly. When you promote your speakers, you’re effectively communicating with their followers, fans, and professional networks. This not only boosts attendance but also enhances the credibility and appeal of your event.
  2. Forge Media Partnerships: establishing connections with international, business, and technology publications is another vital strategy. Media partnerships can dramatically increase your event’s visibility and credibility. By collaborating with reputable publications, you can ensure that your event gets the attention it deserves. Andreea emphasized targeting specific media outlets that align with your event’s theme and audience, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.
  3. Differentiate with side events: to stand out in a crowded event landscape, offering something unique is essentialit’s essential to offer something unique. Andreea highlighted the importance of organizing side events like networking sessions and social activities. These events not only add value for your attendees but also create memorable experiences that differentiate your main event. These side events can be particularly appealing for international attendeesFor international attendees, these side events can be particularly appealing, offering them a chance to explore and enjoy new environments while making meaningful connections.


❗ Important: Create multiple networking areas around your event to facilitate connections and interactions among attendees. Networking is a key reason many people attend events, and having designated spaces encourages spontaneous interactions and deeper connections among attendees. These areas should be strategically placed to facilitate ease of access and should cater to different types of networking, from casual mingling to more formal discussions.

Raluca Apostol: Event Promotion on a Zero Budget

We also had the pleasure of hearing from Raluca Apostol, Co-Founder and Campaign Director at eMarketing Stars, who shared her innovative ideas for promoting events without a hefty budget. According to Raluca, an effective event marketing campaign hinges on three essentials:

💸 Budgets: While it might seem obvious, budgeting effectively is fundamental toa fundamental part of planning any event. Raluca provided valuable tips on how to stretch a limited budget and still achieve significant impact. She recommended focusing on high-return activities and leveraging free or low-cost tools and platforms to maximize reach.

🤝 Established communities and partnerships: Building and leveraging established communities and partnerships can significantly reduce marketing costs. Raluca stressed the importance of tapping into existing networks and forming strategic alliances. By collaborating with partners who have a vested interest in your event’s success, you can share resources and amplify each other’s efforts.

⌛ Time management: Time is one of the most crucial yet often underestimated resources. Raluca emphasized that successful event marketing requires adequate time for planning and execution. This includes:

  • Personalized invites: crafting personalized invitations and engaging directly with potential attendees can yield impressive results. Encourage your current attendees to share invites with others by asking for specific favors, such as, “Can you think of two people who might be interested or share this banner featuring you on social media?” This personalized touch can significantly boost your reach, as demonstrated by SaaS Stock’s successful campaign.
  • Leveraging networks: identifying and collaborating with key individuals or communities that have extensive networks can be a game-changer. These influencers or community leaders can help spread the word about your event, attracting a broader audience. Offer them roles as speakers, advisors, or provide exclusive discount codes and tailored experiences to incentivize their participation.
  • Using personal connections: don’t underestimate the power of personal connections within your organization. Encourage your team members to tap into their networks and ask for favors. This could open doors to future collaborations and exchanges, making your event even more successful.

Mihai Drăgan: Enhancing Event Performance with Technology

Mihai Drăgan, CEO of Oveit, shared his expertise on the technology that can enhance event performance. He discussed various aspects of B2B event registration and how different approaches can impact your event’s success:

  • B2B Event Registration: Mihai explained the nuances of B2B event registration, covering paid, free, and invite-only/restricted events. Each type has its benefits and challenges, and the choice depends on your event’s goals. For instance, while paid events can generate immediate revenue, invite-only events might create an exclusive feel and attract a different caliber of attendees.
  • Maximizing objectives: sometimes, focusing solely on paid registrations can limit other opportunities. Mihai encouraged us to consider alternative approaches that might align better with broader objectives, such as community building, brand exposure, or lead generation. By diversifying your registration strategies, you can leverage different benefits and optimize overall event success..

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