A Tech Team’s Content Writing Guide

Writing cool articles has never been easier. Yes, really. Download the free guide!

Are you a marketer working with a tech company and are constantly looking for new topics you can write about? 

Why not plug into your colleagues’ knowledge in order to develop fresh, in-depth, authentic content?

A company’s team can be the first and most valuable source of relevant content. Nobody knows better than your own colleagues the specifics of your work, so why not give them the mic and involve them in creating content?

To get them started, offer them this short & practical guide that will help them navigate the process of content writing!

This guide will give them answers to questions such as:  

  • What should I write about?
  • What formats are out there?
  • Which are the best practices when writing?
  • What should I pay attention to?

Access your free guide with one click (no registration required)!  

Is this guide for you & your team?

Yes, if you are a marketer working within a tech company and looking to:

  • Build trust and attract new clients by showcasing your team’s knowledge
  • Create more content with your team
  • Give your content a fresh vibe
  • Promote your colleagues and take pride in working with them
  • Stand out through a new creative and smart approach

And the best thing is that the guide explains all of these by using terms that are easy to understand by anyone who hasn’t written content before!

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