Ida Mariotti, B2B Marketing and Communications Manager

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Ida Mariotti has 15 years of experience in marketing, gained in various companies. She is currently Marketing Manager at tmax, where she established and has been developing the marketing department. Previously, she worked either alone or with bigger teams, focusing both on offline marketing and on adjacent industries such as PR, internal comms, employer branding, and online marketing.

Why did you choose a career in marketing, how did you start?

My M.B.A. in international Marketing was the starting point. It was there that I learned the basics and that enabled me to start working in this field.

Tell us a bit about your professional path until now. 

B2B is my marketing “home”. I had the opportunity to work for many years for Saint-Gobain in three different companies. I started with organizing trade shows and writing brochures and articles for technical products. I have then expanded my tasks and competencies to public relations, internal communication, i.e. employer branding, and online marketing. I worked many years alone and some years in a bigger marketing team till I had the opportunity to create and lead a small team at tmax.

What advice do you wish you got when you started your career in marketing? 

Be open, “stay hungry” and up to date. Never stop reading and learning and above all invest in networking with peers. It is always enriching and helpful to have sparring partners, people who live the same challenges, to talked to. Marketing is a team work. As Simonik Sinek says “together is better”.

Top 3 learnings in your marketing career that brought the most value?

1. Always start with a strategy and a plan how to implement it and stuck to them. The goals must be crystal clear and there must be a common understanding about them throughout the company. This will save a lot of unnecessary discussions and will be a guidance in your job.

2. Marketing is more than trade shows, campaigns and nice pictures. Marketing is a business partner and if it has the opportunity to play this role in a company, it will be an enabler for growth. Try your best to engage with the management, sales, development and deliver insights into the market, into the customers, show the strenghts and the power of good marketing.

3. Know your customers and prospects and their pain points. Take every opportunity to engage with them.

One result you are really proud of as a marketeer

# The Brand awareness I helped to build for the brand I am working for.

# The feedback from my sales colleagues when they are happy to be provided good marketing material.

# Making technical products simple to understand.

# Motivate my colleagues through transparent communication thus inspiring them.

What’s one important B2B marketing trend that will gain popularity in 2021, in your opinion? 

Influencer Marketing.

Which is the strongest social media channel in 2021, and why? 

Linkedin. More and more people are engaging on this platform, spending a lot of time to generate good content and this attracts more and more people who do the same.

What would you recommend to businesses that want to grow in 2021? What about the tactics they should avoid?

Don’t just do what your competitors and every other company does just for the sake of doing it. Instead, work on your USP and try to find a way to stand out.

Can you name one digital marketing tactic that you find overrated?

I think there is no overrated tactic. Everything depends on what you sell, who you are and which benefits and contributions you want to make. Some tatics that work good in some business, do not fit at all for other businesses.

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