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We encourage and welcome guest posts while staying committed to our goal of offering relevant, insightful, and no-fluff, no-shameless-promo content. Please read the following guideline carefully and send us over your proposal only after you make sure you can respect all of them:

  • Our materials are aimed at B2B marketers so make sure to pick a topic of interest for them
  • The length of your article should be at least 800 words
  • Your article has to be well documented, with at least 3 external sources mentioned
  • Your material should be accompanied by 3 to 5 representative images
  • Grammar is a saint for us, so please avoid or correct any typos
  • Offensive, discriminatory content or references will be excluded from the start
  • We have a 5 day-exclusivity period, which means that you cannot publish the same material anywhere else for at least 5 days
  • We only accept original materials
  • Make sure to include: Your Name, a Short Bio, Relevant Social Links

How this works

If you have an idea, pitch it to us! Send a suggested title and a short descriptive paragraph at [email protected]. If you have already written the material, you can just send it over! We take the liberty to make suggestions and give feedback if we find anything in nonconformity with the values of this community. If you fail to make these changes, we take the liberty to refuse to publish your material.

We aim to answer all requests in a timely manner (7-10 working days). After receiving a material we agree on publishing, we will communicate to you the available timeslots. All articles get promoted in the Better Digital Marketing LinkedIn Group and on STOICA.CO’s Social Media Channels.

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