About us

Join a community of fellow B2B marketers who are all about learning every day and sharing valuable ideas!

Better Digital Marketing is a concept of thinking and acting in marketing where the focus is all on people and sustainability and not just sales. As marketers, we want to help our companies grow through smart, ethical, and sustainable campaigns while continuing to learn in the ever-changing world of online marketing.

There are many forward-thinking specialists, just like you, who believe in this and put all their efforts into bridging the gaps between B2B companies and their target audiences. We wanted to bring all of these people together so that together, we can improve the way we do digital marketing. Together, we will learn, we will solve problems, we will navigate problems, share the latest news, creative campaigns and crazy ideas, run projects, support each other, and last but not least, have some fun!


What you will find in the community:

  • opportunities to learn and grow
  • a network of peers and collaborators
  • a context to celebrate your successes
  • a place to share knowledge


Who is it for:

  • B2B digital marketing specialists
  • No matter your location
  • Regardless your level of seniority

This group is created by stoica.co to learn from the best marketing managers and connect them for better digital marketing, every day. We are a digital growth agency, helping B2B companies improve their online presence. Our goal with this community is to connect with marketing managers and help them connect with their peers so we can all learn from each other. You can find out more about us on our website: stoica.co.