8 Podcasts that will help you communicate & collaborate better

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As marketers, we know that communication feedback and negotiations can make or break a project. This is why we have compiled this list of 8 podcasts on communication, overcoming challenges, success and failure, negotiation and feedback that might help build stronger connections, achieve desired results faster and work and live more happily. 

Masters of Scale – Reid Hoffman

You’ve probably heard of Reid Hoffman, co-founder at one of the biggest business oriented social channels, LinkedIn. 

His podcast is focused on entrepreneurship, business, finance, management and strategies, with some unique stories and perspectives. You get the chance to learn from one of the biggest professionals out there how they scaled their businesses to a global level, but you also learn about their failures and challenges.

The Tim Ferriss Show

One of the most popular podcasts out there (actually #1 business podcasts of all Apple Podcasts), The Tim Ferriss Show gives you a new perspective on the lives of some of the most well-known business leaders, mentors, professionals, top performers in very different industries. 

If you haven’t listened to it yet, you’ll be surprised to see the very personal approach Tim Ferriss has with all of his guests, making them share insights on their routines, challenges, strategies, time management tools and many others.

Unlocking Us & Dare to Lead

Brené Brown is one of the most well known researcher, famous for her work in human vulnerability, shame, empathy and courage. Her motto is “Courage over comfort.” and her books, TED talks and podcasts inspire people all over the world to accept themselves and build better relationships with those around them. 

Her two podcasts approach different, but somehow connected themes, going from discovering ourselves to innovation, creativity and leadership.

The Collaboration Superpowers Podcast

This podcast hosted by Lisette Sutherland is especially useful now, because it addresses many themes related to challenges and opportunities when working remotely. We have all faced many changes this year, having to adjust to a new style of work and communication and this interview series might help you to either work better with your colleagues or to lead your team. 

Topics such as company culture, flexibility, listening to others, building relationships, transparency and many more made it to the list of this podcast and they can definitely help you communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Leading Learning – The Learning Business Podcast

This podcast, created by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, is dedicated to all business professionals who want to grow, better face challenges and make better decisions. You should especially listen to a feedback dedicated podcast they recorded, called The Art and Science of Effective Feedback.

This episode dives deep into the process of giving and receiving feedback, addressing topics such as: asking and giving feedback, different types of feedback or the feedback fallacy.

Kellogg Insight Podcast

There is one special episode of this podcast that fits perfectly this list and that is the ”Give better feedback” one. You will listen to  Ellen Taaffe, a clinical professor of leadership and to Eli Finkel, a psychologist talk about lessons they have learned, about how to communicate better and how to improve feedback giving and receiving not only in our professional lives, but also in our personal ones.

The Communication Guys Podcast

This is a great podcast if you want to learn more about storytelling, great communication tips, meaningful conversations, creating connections, dealing with hard discussions and many more. 

The podcast is hosted by Tim Downs, a communication trainer & professional speaker and Dr. Tom Barrett, an expert in the psychology of success and the themes they approach can impact your life even if you are looking to improve your work relationships or personal ones.

Mindful communication 

This series of interviews hosted by Jonathan Miller helps listener better connect with one another, in a world where differences seem to create more and more major gaps. Together with his guests, they explore topics such as communication, mindset, emotional intelligence, empowerment, fulfillment and many others that will help you get a better understanding of what other people feel, face and need.

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